What is the C.E.A

What is the C.E.A

The Centre for the Study of Self-Knowledge (C.E.A.) is formed by a group of people from different countries, professions and social backgrounds with a common interest; to contribute to the spread of the theoretical and practical knowledge, which every person needs for their own development whether it is human, social, psychological or spiritual.

As a legal non-profit making association, its activities are carried out in a philanthropical and altruistic manner, without any type of compulsory payment on the part of those who participate in them.

Its aims and objectives are the dissemination of the Psychology of Self-Knowledge both on a theoretical and practical level, as well as transcendental aspects of anthropology, history and cosmology, to every human being without distinction of race, sex, religion, beliefs or social class. This dissemination takes place through different types of public activities such as lectures, workshops, courses, seminars and educational trips of anthropological investigation.


Likewise, the C.E.A. is based upon the deepest respect for the rights and freedom of every person, their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, ideology, beliefs, way of life, way of thinking and the other personal characteristics belonging to each individual and their environment.

This open approach free from any kind of discrimination has been maintained since its foundation more than twenty years ago and has allowed it an extraordinary development and acceptance, which nowadays extends to various countries throughout the whole world.